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Flooring can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home. It will also contribute to the resale value, and it enhances the ambience of a home. There are a great many choices to consider when deciding on the flooring of your home. Let's take a look at ten most popular flooring styles from which to choose for your home:
1.Hardwood Flooring
Solid hardwood floors are one of the staples within the flooring industry.Because of the natural beauty and durability of solid hardwood floors,they have been around for centuries. Solid wood floors are timeless investment that can produce a lifetime of beauty and add value to the home. Wood floors come in Maple,Pecan,Beech,Cherry,Oak,Pine,Birch,Walnut,Hickory and more.
2. Bamboo Flooring
 Bamboo flooring is one of the newcomers in the flooring industry. Bamboo is more environmentally friendly than hardwood floors, and is actually not wood- it is a grass. Bamboo is very durable, elegant and versatile. This natural variations of color that is unique to bamboo come from carbonization and are usually a honey brown color or light tan.
3. Laminate Flooring
 Laminate Floors are the fastest growing choice in flooring in America today.The laminate flooring received its fame from europe and now it is increasingly popular here in the United States. Laminate floors are cheaper than hardwood and they are easy to maintain. The laminate flooring is virtually resistant to burns, scratches, chipping and is great for high traffic areas.
 4. Linoleum Flooring
 Linoleum and vinyl are commonly confused; however, genuine linoleum is a classic and was invented about 150 years ago. Linoleum is made only from raw, natural materials and it is preferred environmentally because of the material. Linseed oil is the main ingredient. Mineral pigments are responsible for the beautiful rich colors of the linoleum. The linoleum flooring comes rolled and ready to install and is available in varying thickness
5. Ceramic Tiles
 The most waterproof type of flooring is ceramic tiles, they can be used as or counter tops, indoors or outdoors. The high gloss finish is usually the most popular for counter tops, although they do tend to scratch.For outdoor flooring, the unglazed finish is preferred because of the possibility of standing water. This type of finish on ceramic tiles is also commonly used in showers. Finishes available are: matte, embossed, glazed and textured ones for anti-slip.
6. Marble Floors
 Any room in your house will have a clean, rich feel with gorgeous marble flooring. The tiles come in different sizes, usually around 12×12″ and are easy to install yourself. Marble products are processed everywhere in the world from metamorphic rock blocks that contain mostly calcium carbonate that are quarried. Marble tiles make an elegant foyer and come in many colors.
7. Carpet & Rugs
 Carpet has been used for years and the only downfall is the bulky problems. In efforts to rectify the difficulties of installation, carpet tiles are now offered. Carpet tiles are squares, like ceramic tiles, which have been proven to be superior in choices in every way. This new carpet can be easily installed by most homeowners. Another benefit is that if there is a spill on the carpet, just one tile needs to be replaced.
8. Vinyl Sheet
Vinyl floors used to be called linoleum floors and it is available in a variety of colors and styles. Vinyl flooring is excellent in bathrooms and kitchens. This type of flooring has an ease of installation and is quite affordable. As an alternative to flooring with ceramic tiles, vinyl floors give the same look as tiles, except they cost less than ceramic tile. The most common of the vinyl flooring used today are sheet vinyl.
9. Rubber Flooring
 Most people think about the floor of a school when they hear rubber flooring. There are several other places that this type of flooring would be excellent, like recreation rooms, home exercise rooms, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. There is very little maintenance required, just a routine wash and occasional sweeping is all it takes. Rubber floors come in many colors as well as cut and inlaid designs, too. They retain their sheen and color for years.
Start here for all your floor covering needs and learn about which flooring trends are taking the home decorating scene by storm.
No matter which floor covering you choose, it should be serviceable for your lifestyle, and if you are building a new house or renovating an older one, your choices in floorings are endless.
Flooring sets the tone of the room - the look and feel of a room - but beyond appearance, the ultimate decision on which flooring material will be installed should be based on how a room is used. For example, a room in which there is heavy foot traffic needs a hard wearing floor whereas a bedroom floor needs to be soft and cozy on the feet.
Cleaning Hardwood Floors & General Care Guidelines
Cleaning your hardwood floors properly is vital to keeping them looking their best for years to come.
* Never damp mop - Water and wood floors don't mix! Use only the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products when cleaning hardwood floors.
* The absolutely simple and safe way to clean any sort of wood that is finished with a urethane is to use polyurethane cleaners which are manufactured by both hardwood flooring manufacturers and manufacturers of polyurethane
.* Vacuum Regularly - Small stones, mud and gritty dirt tracked in from outside can play havoc on the wood floors finish. To help prevent outside dirt from tracking onto the hardwood floor, use long bristle door mats placed at all outside entrances for people to wipe their feet on before entering onto the floors. Vacuum using a soft bristle brush attachment
.* Use the proper chair glides - Sharp wooden legs or metal furniture legs can scratch and dent hardwood floors. Any furniture that rests directly on top of a hardwood floor should have felt protectors, or furniture coasters under all it's feet. For extremely heavy objects such as a piano, use wide, non-staining rubber cups. Purchasing floor protectors is cheap insurance for protecting your hardwood floor investment.
Protect from direct sunlight - your wood floor may change color or fade due to exposure to direct sunlight. The sun's UV rays accelerates the oxidation and aging of wood so periodically rearranging your furniture and closing the curtains during intense periods of sunlight can help avoid the problem.
Don't use oil soaps - There are many over the counter oil-based soaps and wax based cleaning products that may damage or dull the finish of your wood floor. The best suggestion is to only use the manufacturers recommended products for cleaning your hardwood flooring
.* Never wax a urethane wood finish - If your hardwood floor has a polyurethane finish never use a paste wax on the floor's surface. A paste wax may form a sticky film on your floor and allow tracked in dirt to stick to your wood finish. Polyurethane finishes will not adhere to any wax and adding a fresh coat of polyurethane to your floor will be very difficult.
Trim pet's claws - Pet's claws may scratch your floor's finish. Regularly trim dog's claws to help reduce scratching your floor's finish.
.* Wipe spills immediately - when accidents happen and some liquid gets spilled on your hardwood floor, you should use a slightly damp white cloth, or paper towel to immediately clean up and dry the effected area. For more difficult spots, follow the manufacturer's recommended cleaning procedures.
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